Winery, Cultural Enotourism Cultural Center & Rural Hotel in San Gimignano, La Toscana (Italy).

Modelo conceptual

The proposal is based on the ancient road and pilgrim route running from Cantembury to Rome, the Via Francigena. The winery attemps to recover the medieval`s footsteps route, as a pleasant promenade surrounded by a vineyard landscape, in a place where visitors can enjoy and contemplate the different Tuscan wines.

View from Grossa Tower
Grape entrance view

The proposal seeks to evoke the spirit of the medieval plot, like a continuation of their main paths, with a striking topographical adaptation. The development of de winery reveals the relationship between full and empty spaces, as an excavation process, remembering interiors of archaeological remains.

Main crack view
Winery patio view
Hotel view

Model of San Gimignano with the winery complex

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