“Living in a park”

Social Housing Competition in Madrid.

The goal is the design of a new form of collective housing, developing a new concept of closed blocks with a new vision of living. The different characteristics of the placement define the volumen and articulation of the construction.

The plot is surrounded by greatful parks with abundant vegetation. Therefore, the building takes the shape adapted to its environment creating surprising views depending on the different padestrians approaches.

Large openings access are created to highlight the continuity of the surrounded parks, joining different green public areas. Diverse viewpoints are created as private enjoy placements for its resident use with wide views to the city.

Pedestrians are guided toward a central courtyard designed for a public use, conceived as a new residential concept in a mixed introverted and extroverted space as the heart of the project.


Architect: Javier Gómez Calleja

Location: Madrid, Spain.

Year: 2017

Category: Residential competition






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